Easter Better Best

John 12:20-30

The earthly blessings we celebrate at Easter – new life, real hope, eternal salvation – are better than we can express, but the final, heavenly, best goal of Easter is this: Glory Be to God!

Easter Better Best

Easter in the garden,

Easter in the Book,

Easter, useful, beautiful,

everywhere you look.

It is good in tender hearts,

and on the cold, hard street,

Easter hope and truth and power,

Death will not defeat.

Hallelu-, Hallelujah!

Easter eggs and flowers,

Easter Cross and Grave,

Easter plan accomplished,

People sought and saved.

He is risen, Jesus, Hear His call, “Abide”

Life eternal blooming, God is glorified.

Hallelu-, Hallelujah!

Easter better for us, Easter best for God.

If only for our benefit, our Easter view is flawed.

Easter life to us in Christ, We are redeemed, made whole;

But, “Glory be to God on High!” is Easter’s one best goal

© April 2017, Jay Hull