Bible Reader’s Club

Dear Friends:

Bible 2Happy New Year! Amid all of the new optimism and new hope and new resolve for making positive changes that a new year brings, may I challenge you to make a few adjustments in how you invest your time each week? There is something you can do (but it won’t be easy) that will make a great difference and have a positive impact on your life and on the people around you. It might mean watching fewer TV programs. It might mean giving up a few minutes of sleep each week. I am convinced it will also mean greater spiritual health. Read your Bible. That’s it. Get into the Word. Discipline yourself to look and listen regularly to what our Lord has to say to you through His special Book.

For those who like doing things together with others, I invite you to join me in the Covenant Bible Readers’ Club. We’re going to read through our Bibles, cover to cover, in a year. I’ve mapped out a plan (mixing orderly readings in the Old Testament and New Testament in weekly portions…so you can read a few chapters a day or a whole lot once a week…), and I challenge you to use it if you don’t have another guide you are following.

Let’s make the Word of the Lord our lamp and light not merely in highly-valued theory but in constantly experienced practice!

Your friend and fellow reader,

Pastor Jay


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