Covenant Generosity May 1, 2020

Dear Friends:

      Today I received this note from our church treasurer, Jock Ochiltree.

      Pastor Jay:

      It’s time for some recognition for our congregation’s response to the financial needs of our church. Our cash reserve in the general fund had been slowly reducing over a number of years. As we entered the 3rd quarter last year, our cash position was approaching a level not seen in many years; one that was beginning to impact our day to day operations and potentially impacting our ability to react to unforeseen needs. You and Bill talked to the congregation about this in November. Following your calm and factual appeal, our December offerings were 36% higher than the average of the past 4 Decembers. Nice response and recovery! 

      But, then something else occurred. January continued the momentum. February continued the momentum. March continued the momentum. I don’t have final April numbers yet, but it looks like April continued the momentum. AND, in mid-March, there was concern that the lack of an in-person worship service could slow down or even severely damage our offerings. It turns out that from mid-March through all of April, our members have not missed a beat! Online giving has increased and our members are coming by and dropping off or mailing in checks. There is no slowdown in our offerings 6 weeks into the pandemic. This is such a tremendous tribute to our members and to God’s speaking to every one of us. We are doing God’s work, and He is speaking to our members, and they are responding!!!

      Now, our task isn’t over. We need to continue being generous, even to the point of sacrifice. We need to continue to improve our reserve position. We need to continue with our outstanding children’s and youth programs. We need reserves for building maintenance. We need to support our missionaries, who face the impacts of reduced funding as well as their normal challenges. And, we need to continue to expand God’s work.

      But, we must also take a moment and recognize and praise our members, who wholeheartedly support God’s work through Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Best regards,


      So let me join with our treasurer in praising our God and saying “Thank you, and God bless you” to our Covenant Family. Your continuing generosity even in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis has been truly amazing and a tremendous encouragement to all of us.

      Your fellow servants for Christ,

      Pastor Jay and Treasurer Jock