Rummage Sale


Fellowship Ministry Team is happy to announce we will be holding a Rummage Sale on Saturday, September 12th with the following changes during this time of Covid-19 unknowns:

1) The rummage sale will be held outside in the parking lot from 9:00am -1:00pm.  FMT will set up the “needed” tables “social distanced.”

2)  If you choose to participate this year you will price your own items and bring them to the parking lot the morning of the sale and set up your items on 1—2 tables. (whatever you need), or on the ground around the tables. You may set up between 7-8:30 am

3) If you choose to participate this year, you, or someone you designate will need to manage/sell your items/tables throughout the sale.  Whoever is selling, will of course wear masks.

4) All proceeds will be graciously donated to benefit the church just as in years past.


If you choose to participate please contact Bev Carne, or 775-338-3771 or the church office BY AUGUST 8th.

Please understand this decision was not made easily by the

Fellowship Ministry Team.  We realize we are asking far more of our participants than we have in the past.

The plan is to hold the rummage sale this way FOR ONLY ONE YEAR!!    Thank you for understa