Communion Instructions for Livestream Worship

Dear Friends:

Similar to the ones we have announced for previous remote Communion Services here at Covenant, here are your instructions for Communion this Sunday:

We will offer a Communion Service according to our normal schedule on June 7th. This Communion Service will be live-streamed immediately following our regular worship time. It will only be available live (We will remove it from Facebook & UTube immediately afterwards), and you will need to reconnect to this 2nd Sunday service the same way you connected to the first—You won’t be able to stay on the 1st Service livestream to be connected to the 2nd Communion Service (I will give you specific instructions for this at the end of the regular livestream Sunday Service). To participate well with our from-God’s-house-to-your-home Communion service, you will also need to follow these instructions:

            a. Decide who will be your “household leader” for the service (an easy decision if you are by yourself)

            b. Before the service, carefully and with due reverence place a piece of bread (any bread or even crackers) on a plate and pour a little juice (any juice will do if you don’t have grape) into cups for each participant in your house (all who profess faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior are welcome to participate)

            c. When the time comes on Sunday, have your “household leader” follow my verbal instructions repeating after me the words of institution (from 1 Corinthians 11:23-26) and serving the elements to your household participants

            d. After the service Sunday morning, when we gather all together via the internet and share this sacrament as Christ’s Church all together, there will be no further opportunity for you or anyone else in your household to participate legitimately in communion by yourselves

e. If you have questions prior to Sunday, call me at church—746-8118—or e-mail me jay@covenant

            It is important for you to understand that on Sunday I will not be giving you instructions for how you can do your own Communion Service at home. We will be celebrating Communion together. We will be gathering together as a legitimate expression of the Universal Church. Our gathering will be unusual—we will not be in the same room but rather connected through the technological wonder we call the internet—but it will be a gathering together nonetheless. I, as a properly trained, called, ordained and installed Teaching Elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, will be officiating and leading the service. You at home will be serving and sharing according to my instructions and as an expression of the gathered body that is Covenant Presbyterian Church of Reno, Nevada.

Because of our extraordinary circumstances, it is perhaps more important than usual for us to prepare well for this Service of Communion on Sunday.

May God be glorified, and may His people be built up in love and hope and faith by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we worship Jesus Christ together in His Sacrament of Communion this Sunday immediately following our regular 10:00 Service.

Your Friend in Christ,

Pastor Jay