2017 Advent Devotionals

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the 2017 edition of our Covenant Presbyterian church Calendar of Devotions.  I am so pleased you are joining us for the daily devotional journey through God’s Word in preparation for Christmas.  With all due humility, I must say that we just keep getting better at this Christmas Devotional Booklet thing.  On the cover you will notice our office administrator’s wonderful design featuring all the pretty ornaments hanging on the tree.  Under the supervision of our Family Ministries Director, Kathy Ludwig, our children here at Covenant made these ornament icons for us, and each one represents a theme and accompanies one of the readings you will find inside.  I hope that these Scripture readings, reflections, responses and prayers will decorate your Christmas Season in a meaningful way this year. I pray that each will hang on the sturdy, fragrant, beautiful, “living tree” of your faith in Jesus  Christ who stands tall at the center of Christmas.

The story of Christmas is the story of Immanuel – “God with Us.”  God came to share the earthly time-bound human experience with us and from within that position to work His heavenly and eternal work of salvation for us.  And so Advent is our amazing season of glorious Good News.  This Gospel (the Good News of Jesus) we are privileged to share. It is The Word the shepherds faithfully and enthusiastically shared on that first Christmas day.  It is The Message declared to to those shepherds by angels who suddenly appeared somewhere outside Bethlehem. It is the truth of God who is always and ever revealing Himself to those blessed to hear and see.

As always, this collection of readings and prayers is divided into three sections.  At the beginning we are greeted by three readings that give us an overview of the entire Christmas Story:  The First Advent has come, and the Second Advent is coming.  And it is all the outworking of God’s plan to save.  The middle and longest section contains readings from the Old Testament about the promised Messiah for whom events that led up to the birth of this promised Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth the miracle son of Mary and the eternal Son of God.

May this Calendar of Devotions bless you as it has blessed me.  And may God bless us all with a Season full of Him.

Pastor Jay Hull

Advent 2017